The Confident Author

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Let's acknowledge the celestial elephant in the room; being a sought-after author is tough.

You exposed your soul by telling your story through the formation of a book, but your visibility among readers is dim.

You worked side-by-side with your editor to ensure your book shined, but your branding strategy is unclear.

You spent days choosing the most brilliant colors for your book cover, but your sales are lackluster.

But with the determination to grow and grind, you can thrive!

In a galaxy clustered with millions of authors vying for every reader's attention, only Deondriea Cantrice can illuminate your path to authorship success with confidence.

Introducing The Confident Author, your ultimate guide to literary success!

The premise of The Confident Author is that in order to become successful you must first realize being an author is a business and your book is the product, and second, it requires a lot of work.

In the writing business there is no overnight success. There's only rock-hard work, steadfast dedication, and a burning desire to be the best.

Through this course, Deondriea will teach you how to:

  • Use enlightening literary marketing techniques so your visibility gleams.
  • Build a long-lasting fan base. Not just flash-in-the-pan book sales.
  • Brand yourself as an author so your readers will synonymously identify you with your book.
  • Create a fiery hot social media campaign that will ignite your readers into opening their wallets.
  • Navigate a constellation of publishing basics including ending the eternal debate about self-publishing or traditional publishing.

As The Confident Author; because you won't have to sell your book if you know how to confidently turn your writing into a business. The sales will simply come to you.

If you're ready to become a celebrated author and create a noteworthy business, then enroll in The Confident Author course today!

Let Deondriea show you how being a rising star in the literary world is more sustainable than being a shooting star.

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It’s time to move your books from the shelf into the hands of readers.

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Deondriea Cantrice
Deondriea Cantrice
Confidence Empowerment Optimizer

About the instructor

Deondriea Cantrice, the Confidence Empowerment Optimizer, is here to inspire you to achieve greatness.

Instead of complacency, mediocrity, and uncertainty, Deondriea empowers you to be courageous, exceptional, and self-assured. As a well-known speaker, author, and facilitator, Deondriea has presented her life-changing tales of true life to many multifaceted groups. She is now using the power reflected in her writing and speech delivery to transform your ordinary existence into an extraordinary adventure. Deondriea does this by instilling confidence deep within your soul.

You have the ability to accomplish anything and succeed in all of your endeavors. The secret to walking in your greatness is having confidence.